SPERO EXCHANGE Listing policy 

In order to apply for listing your Cryptocurrency or re-apply (if you are a leader of a community which takes over a Cryptocurrency abandoned by its original developers and owners), please, read the present SPERO EXCHANGE Listing policy, as well as SPERO EXCHANGE Delisting policy, and, if agreed, proceed to follow the Instructions below:

1 - Listing application procedures 

1.1.We strictly recommend to register the special email address for the Cryptocurrency project and not to use any personal emails while filling listing/voting forms. 
1.2. Fill in voting request form: SPERO EXCHANGE Exchange voting request form.
1.3. Remember  and backup your secret code (phrase/word), specified by you in the Listing request form.
1.4. The listing price depends on Cryptocurrency project specification and is a matter of private discussion after Cryptocurrency developer's providing  the listing request form. 
1.5. Any discussions of listing details between users and representatives of the Exchange in publics channels (and social media), chat-services are strictly forbidden. The violation of this rule will result in the rejection of the listing application form.  
1.6. Any official correspondence upon this matter is conducted by means of the official email of exchange.sperocoin.org domain. The secret code must be specified in any message between participants. All applicants’ messages without their secret code will be considered as untrusted. If an applicant for some reasons doesn’t have a secret code, the applicant should re-apply for the listing to avoid incidents.
1.7. The application processing takes up to 5 days. In case of approval of your listing request, SPERO EXCHANGE authority will contact you. 
1.8. If your request is not responded within 5 days, it means your application has been rejected.
Please, notice: the service reserves the right not to explain the reasons of rejection.
1.9. After the approval of the listing application form, if a Cryptocurrency developer is reported as left his/her project and does not respond during 7 days since the date of the message sent by the Service official, the Cryptocurrency project is considered as abandoned.
     1.9.1.In this case SPERO EXCHANGE at its sole discretion may stop the wallet or accept, if any, a reapplying request form another developer to take over the project.

2 - Cryptocurrency owners/developers' obligations

2.1 - General obligations

Since the moment of the approval of the application form the developers are obliged to fulfill  the following:
2.1.1. To publish SPERO EXCHANGE banner and SPERO EXCHANGE Exchange information on the same resources where the information about the coin is represented (Official site, ANN thread, Twitter, Facebook, Discord & etc). 
Please, notice: SPERO EXCHANGE reserves the right to add any comment with more extensive information about the exchange in your ANN thread.
2.1.2. To ensure and maintain 0.05 BTC of minimal monthly trading volume. 
2.1.3. To secure the safety of the email address and secret code specified in the Listing request form.
2.1.4. To inform SPERO EXCHANGE officials about any events and procedures, which SPERO EXCHANGE needs to be involved in, not later than 72 hours before the events and procedures take place.
2.1.5. Cryptocurrency developers are liable to redeem the losses sustained by SPERO EXCHANGE in the result of his/her violation(s) of any of the Cryptocurrency developers’ obligations specified in the present Policy. SPERO EXCHANGE reserves a right, at its sole discretion, to suspend a developer’s Cryptocurrency wallet until he/she fully redeems the losses, or delist the Cryptocurrency in case of a developer’s refusal to redeem.
2.1.6. In case of violations of any of the Cryptocurrency developers’ obligations specified in the present Policy and resulted in users’ claims addressed to SPERO EXCHANGE,  the Cryptocurrency developers are obliged to respond to every redirected from SPERO EXCHANGE user’s claim, including the claims about losses, sustained by users.

2.2 Cryptocurrency developers’ messages

2.2.1. The email address and secret code are the only options to identify a Cryptocurrency developer(s) as an original owner/manager of the project. All Cryptocurrency developers’ messages must contain the secret code.
2.2.2. Any Cryptocurrency developers’ messages regarding the wallet processing (suspending, updating, resuming, forks, rebranding, etc) must be sent to the email address, that was used by SPERO EXCHANGE to reply the listing/voting request. Any other developers’ messages in any other channel of communication (TM channel, support ticket, social media) will not be processed. It means, that developer’s team may announce these events using any channels, but SPERO EXCHANGE will execute the request only after receiving proper official email.
2.2.3. In case developers team has lost the access to official email address along with the loss of the secret code, SPERO EXCHANGE reserves the right to suspend the appropriate currency wallet until the following procedures will be completed:
  • Re-applying the listing form for the currency.
  • Payment of a reapplying processing fee

2.3 Processing of cryptocurrency developers’ requests 

2.3.1. Cryptocurrency developers fully agree, that any of his/her requests, specified in their messages, will be processed by SPERO EXCHANGE within 72 hours from the moment of a message delivery.
2.3.2. During scheduling any dates for procedures on their side, which SPERO EXCHANGE will be involved in, Cryptocurrency developers are obliged to take into account the term of processing of developers’ requests  specified in the point 1 of the present provision.
2.3.3. In case of the request for updating the software, Cryptocurrency developers are obliged to notify SPERO EXCHANGE staff in accordance with the terms and provisions specified in the present Policy  and provide links to the update resources (Github). Cryptocurrency developers guarantees the software has been thoroughly tested to ensure the updating works to be completed by SPERO EXCHANGE staff in a trouble-free manner.
2.3.4. In case of a Cryptocurrency rebranding (including but not limited to changing a Cryptocurrency full name, ticker and/or logo) takes place, developers are obliged to fill in the Rebranding application form in accordance with terms of the provision “Listing application procedures” of the present Policy. SPERO EXCHANGE will charge a fee for processing the rebranding procedure. The rebranding works will be executed only after the payment is fulfilled by a developer.
2.3.5. In case of Cryptocurrency swap, Cryptocurrency developers are obliged to notify SPERO EXCHANGE staff about the terms of swapping procedure such as a swap period, a swapping rate, etc. SPERO EXCHANGE charges a fee for its services. The swap will be executed only after the payment is fulfilled by a developer.
2.3.6. Developers fully understand that in case of a his/her request to suspend trading, and/or deposits/withdrawals of his/her cryptocurrency, all Users’ orders on SPERO EXCHANGE, relating the cryptocurrency, will be cancelled by default.

3 - Voting procedure

3.1. Fill in SPERO EXCHANGE Exchange voting request form.
  • Please, notice! Only the following cryptocurrency codebases are supported in the voting: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and PIVX. If for any reason the codebase of your cryptocurrency does not correspond to any of the codebases specified in the Voting request, the funds raised during the voting for this cryptocurrency are NOT to be returned to the voters!
  • Please, notice! Voting payments are not refunded in any case and for any reason.
3.2. Voting SPERO deposit address will be specified for your Cryptocurrency in the Voting Candidates list.
3.3. After submitting the form you, your colleagues, and friends of your community should deposit at least 500 SPERO votes and thus your coin may occupy one of the 3 positions in the Voting Candidates list. 
3.4. There are TWO ways to acquire SPERO:  
  • PoS or PoW Mining
3.5. If any of the Candidates will deposit a sum of SPERO greater than yours, then that participant takes a higher position in the voting list, even up to expelling your Cryptocurrency from the three Winners list. However, your Cryptocurrency can have a chance to win next 3 days.
3.6. The winners will be defined 2 times a week: every Tuesday and Friday at 12:00 UTC.  If your Cryptocurrency holds one of the 3 positions on the leaderboard on Tuesday or Friday, it means your Cryptocurrency will be listed on SPERO EXCHANGE during the next 3 days since the day of the announcement.   
3.7. Voting winners will be announced in the official SPERO EXCHANGE public Telegram groups. Here you can monitor the voting progress: Voting Candidates list.